Why I Write

Because the voices in my head need a canvas to draw on. The end! It's kind of like being possessed, have you been possessed? Too much, okay let me tell you how it starts. It starts as an idea, a word that leaches itself onto my brain. Initially it's harmless, like a feather in the... Continue Reading →


Ulupwa #4 (Family)

Manda hill bridge, Addis Ababa road... "Nsangu, why are we back here?" A peeved Bongo raised his hands in frustration at his steel and earth surroundings. "You've never heard the saying, third times the charm, have you?" Nsangu chuckled over his shoulder, towards a worn down Bongo. "We are looking for missing kids, wouldn't you... Continue Reading →

Ulupwa #1 (Family)

Bongo lay flat on his bed, wide eyed, starring at the support beams that hang where the ceiling boards should. Dreaming of baggy tank tops that left very little to the imagination as his sculptured body walked around malls. No longer burdened by folds of flesh. Bongo imagined his perfect body, broad swimmers shoulders, biceps... Continue Reading →

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