Milkshakes and Liquor

They met, young, na├»ve and hopeful. Well she was hopeful, like spring after winter and autumn. He was fun, like stolen kisses, the bad boy stereotype and like every tale of love, it wasn't easy, especially not in the start. But you get to learn a person after all. Their waterfall at sunset, how to... Continue Reading →


Time Traveling Mirrors

At the bottom of my custard bowl, where all depression apparently ends. Stained completely white with failures of my misgivings. This far down the rabbit hole, spoonful after spoonful. Spoonful, tastes of happiness, intoxicating my being like petrichor. We met after my exams, I came to yours and our feet did the walking, twists and... Continue Reading →

What If?

What if I told you, I know the ghouls and ghosts under my bed. Syllable for syllable I utter their names. Utter in my head, punctuate with nouns, verbs and similies and still fail to call their name out! What if I told you I had skeletons in my closet. 6 feet past the coats... Continue Reading →

Who Am I?

I am love. I am an attempt at love at least. Love is given freely, void of expectation. You don't need to be bothered if love is unrequited. Love is full, over flowing all the time. Love is a meandering manifestation of the many different imaginations my mind can contain. Anger, like the blocking beaver... Continue Reading →

New ZRA tagline, Maybe there is hope?

My Tax, Your tax, our destiny. Yeah! ZRA have a new tagline that sees them making attempts to want to be inclusive. We always complain about how difficult government wings can be especially in terms of being approachable. ZRA have entered the new year with a bang, they want to be inclusive in normal discussion,... Continue Reading →

Ulupwa #4 (Family)

Manda hill bridge, Addis Ababa road... "Nsangu, why are we back here?" A peeved Bongo raised his hands in frustration at his steel and earth surroundings. "You've never heard the saying, third times the charm, have you?" Nsangu chuckled over his shoulder, towards a worn down Bongo. "We are looking for missing kids, wouldn't you... Continue Reading →

Fear or Excitement?

Is it fear? Most of us get afraid when we are faced with new challenging problems or situations. We get extremely nervous and unsure of ourselves. We open the doors to doubt, suffocating ourselves of the things we are most certain about in life. Ever had situations where, its our turn to deliver a presentation... Continue Reading →

30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 29 & 30

How Are You? Easiest question melodied to man, you'd think. The problem isn't the question, its in trying to explain how we see galaxies pass us everyday but are unmoved to do anything about it Its in seeing ghosts and dead bodies and having no one listen to your truth. In experiencing pure thrills, you'd... Continue Reading →

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