Leap of Faith

"When will I know I'm ready?" "You won't, it's a leap of faith." That was a conversation taken from 'Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse' then it dawn on me. Faith really is all we need to achieve, whatever our hearts truly desire. Funniest thing about faith, its amongst the most unoriginal ideas, but for some reason... Continue Reading →


Time Traveling Mirrors

At the bottom of my custard bowl, where all depression apparently ends. Stained completely white with failures of my misgivings. This far down the rabbit hole, spoonful after spoonful. Spoonful, tastes of happiness, intoxicating my being like petrichor. We met after my exams, I came to yours and our feet did the walking, twists and... Continue Reading →

Who Am I?

I am love. I am an attempt at love at least. Love is given freely, void of expectation. You don't need to be bothered if love is unrequited. Love is full, over flowing all the time. Love is a meandering manifestation of the many different imaginations my mind can contain. Anger, like the blocking beaver... Continue Reading →

Ungrateful eyes

I'm now of the notion that it's all my fault. This has not always been the case, but allow me, my lengthy thesis in rant form. One word, Entitlement, I had it in the back of my mind somewhere, that someone, something, or the world in general owed me a great debt and I had... Continue Reading →

Friendly Neighborhood Poet

Destro, often misunderstood but always provoking, fitting that he would call his album "Politically Correct". "Dear Lord, I thank you that I am often misunderstood or maybe I make myself out to be." - Destro When I sit down to listen to 'boy wonder' rhyme his rhymes, I know its always a full blown affair,... Continue Reading →

30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 29 & 30

How Are You? Easiest question melodied to man, you'd think. The problem isn't the question, its in trying to explain how we see galaxies pass us everyday but are unmoved to do anything about it Its in seeing ghosts and dead bodies and having no one listen to your truth. In experiencing pure thrills, you'd... Continue Reading →

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