Jon Bellion has a song entitled, "stupid deep" the first line to this song feels like the perfect chord in the orchestra of my thoughts. It goes, "what if who I'm meant to be was always me?" Gunshot, brains splattered everywhere, blood on all the furniture. That was pretty much my mind blown, when the... Continue Reading →


Time Traveling Mirrors

At the bottom of my custard bowl, where all depression apparently ends. Stained completely white with failures of my misgivings. This far down the rabbit hole, spoonful after spoonful. Spoonful, tastes of happiness, intoxicating my being like petrichor. We met after my exams, I came to yours and our feet did the walking, twists and... Continue Reading →

A Changing World

It's currently 2018, with many technological advances, shifting social cultural ideals, and the ability to decide what we love and do that for the rest of our lives. The world has dramatically changed from 1993, the year I was born. I still find my elders reminiscing about the good old days. Before cellphones and the... Continue Reading →

Friendly Neighborhood Poet

Destro, often misunderstood but always provoking, fitting that he would call his album "Politically Correct". "Dear Lord, I thank you that I am often misunderstood or maybe I make myself out to be." - Destro When I sit down to listen to 'boy wonder' rhyme his rhymes, I know its always a full blown affair,... Continue Reading →

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