Tradition in a Modern world

Customs and beliefs become traditional when they get passed down from generation to generation. Its 2018, does one really need tradition? In a world surrounded by smart TVs and handheld devices that connect us all, is there space left for what at times may seem like dictatorial rulings? The tradition, that speaks more than it... Continue Reading →


Sustainability = Creativity

To effectively be sustainable, one must implore creativity. Always! Creativity is the use of imagination, to create, something. However, creativity is beaten out of us by the formal school system. By the time we think we have a handle on society, our minds are shackled. Stuck in a looped ideation of a superman. Uh uh,... Continue Reading →

I Am Africa!

Kutambokisa was intended to put on a show at Unza about a month ago, based on the theme, "I am Africa." We were asked by JCI Unza to host a show with young upcoming creatives who could show their audience, through their medium of art, what being African means to them and how they would... Continue Reading →


My favourite colour. It was not love at first sight. When I was younger I bounced around uncertain tides of blues and reds. "I'm a boy" no other need for explanation. Not being able to define myself with colour was painstaking. Worse was the answer I gave to justify my choice. Plus I've never liked... Continue Reading →

Do I Like You?

You seem perfect. Perfectly flawed, I know. Don't confuse the intent behind my omission. I see the halo balanced perfectly over your horns. Do I like you though? Butterflies don't congregate inside my bowels. Everythings calm, no panic, my shoes don't even feel tied together as my eye balls skate pirouettes about your frame. Its... Continue Reading →

Ulupwa #4 (Family)

Manda hill bridge, Addis Ababa road... "Nsangu, why are we back here?" A peeved Bongo raised his hands in frustration at his steel and earth surroundings. "You've never heard the saying, third times the charm, have you?" Nsangu chuckled over his shoulder, towards a worn down Bongo. "We are looking for missing kids, wouldn't you... Continue Reading →

Friendly Neighborhood Poet

Destro, often misunderstood but always provoking, fitting that he would call his album "Politically Correct". "Dear Lord, I thank you that I am often misunderstood or maybe I make myself out to be." - Destro When I sit down to listen to 'boy wonder' rhyme his rhymes, I know its always a full blown affair,... Continue Reading →

Ulupwa #3 (Family)

Nsangu was awoken from his day dream by the sound of running water loudly splashing, from the direction of the living room. Nsangu shook himself loose of his day dream, glanced at Kabwata below. Turning to face the room, Nsangu followed the sound to its source. As Nsangu walked down the hallway, towards the living... Continue Reading →

Fear or Excitement?

Is it fear? Most of us get afraid when we are faced with new challenging problems or situations. We get extremely nervous and unsure of ourselves. We open the doors to doubt, suffocating ourselves of the things we are most certain about in life. Ever had situations where, its our turn to deliver a presentation... Continue Reading →

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