3 Apes

""Movement in the town!" One of the guards yelled signalling to master. "Movement? What kind of movement?" Master asked without a glimpse of worry or panic. "An angry mob, headed straight for us" replied the panic stricken guard. Master casually walked towards his balcony, avoiding the open blinds that provided him with light to read.... Continue Reading →


3 Apes

The three apes stood face, to face, to face, silent, as if focused on their communal breathe more than anything else as they awaited Thoko's directive to have unparalleled fun. "Bruce, meet us by the tower when you accomplish the task" Thoko air out his directive as a way to dismiss the meeting. Bruce ever... Continue Reading →

3 Apes

Three identical apes only distinguishable from each other by the coats of their fur lived above the earth on the highest peak in the world. Each day the apes would wake up and start their decent to meet their people. Bruce was troublesome and fully of energy he would run ahead of the two other... Continue Reading →


It's in the moments. The ones that remind us we are a living breathing being. Alive and excitingly breathtaking, that could be why we find the moments fear striking. Broken hearted Delaila, blood on the floor, big starry eyes. Radio on dyslexic repeat, it should have been 808s but the light bulb doesn't go off... Continue Reading →

Lucky Dube

My friend happened to be telling me a story about Lucky Dube which then reminded me of a rare story involving my father. It's funny how stories make one feel connected to others, to things, even to ideas. The topic of Lucky Dube will forever remind me of my mother's love for my dad, allow... Continue Reading →

Leap of Faith

"When will I know I'm ready?" "You won't, it's a leap of faith." That was a conversation taken from 'Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse' then it dawn on me. Faith really is all we need to achieve, whatever our hearts truly desire. Funniest thing about faith, its amongst the most unoriginal ideas, but for some reason... Continue Reading →

Sometimes, Take a break

January is almost done and my well of blog posts seemed to having been running dry. Welcome to 2019, thank you for joining me on this journey. Last year I was more active as a blogger, but that was also because last year I was filled with more boredom from life in general. Work was... Continue Reading →

Social Crucifixion

Alas the world we live in! A world where a lady can get raped and the entire economy comes to a complete halt as person after person rushes to the scene. Not to stop the rape, how preposterous that would be, but to watch the rape occur. After all, she screamed her lungs out. Her... Continue Reading →

ZRA new tagline, Maybe there is hope?

My Tax, Your tax, our destiny. Yeah! ZRA have a new tagline that sees them making attempts to want to be inclusive. We always complain about how difficult government wings can be especially in terms of being approachable. ZRA have entered the new year with a bang, they want to be inclusive in normal discussion,... Continue Reading →

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