3 Apes

""Movement in the town!" One of the guards yelled signalling to master. "Movement? What kind of movement?" Master asked without a glimpse of worry or panic. "An angry mob, headed straight for us" replied the panic stricken guard. Master casually walked towards his balcony, avoiding the open blinds that provided him with light to read.... Continue Reading →


3 Apes

The three apes stood face, to face, to face, silent, as if focused on their communal breathe more than anything else as they awaited Thoko's directive to have unparalleled fun. "Bruce, meet us by the tower when you accomplish the task" Thoko air out his directive as a way to dismiss the meeting. Bruce ever... Continue Reading →

3 Apes

Three identical apes only distinguishable from each other by the coats of their fur lived above the earth on the highest peak in the world. Each day the apes would wake up and start their decent to meet their people. Bruce was troublesome and fully of energy he would run ahead of the two other... Continue Reading →

Why I Write

Because the voices in my head need a canvas to draw on. The end! It's kind of like being possessed, have you been possessed? Too much, okay let me tell you how it starts. It starts as an idea, a word that leaches itself onto my brain. Initially it's harmless, like a feather in the... Continue Reading →

30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 25

A Turkish delight Pink looks effortless on you, like a second skin Natural, like the pearls you wear when you smile, A bold mix of beautifully dark, with an extra cherry on top, Framing such beauty of an image upon heels Funny you dress clumsy but command attention placed upon your 6inch pedestal, Call it... Continue Reading →

30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 19

Forgiveness To forgive, the hardest thing one could do, To let go and actually be free, To walk past the backstabber, Exchanging glances only to notice brother turned stranger, Friend now foe, Heart strings in two, Not enough Michael to heal the world, Trust is fragile, Once its broke, not even bob the builder can... Continue Reading →

30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 18

Before our hearts decided I can't explain to you why the heart decides, Why it chooses one over another, I can't explain the long nights fighting grief, The constant pep talks to walk away, The constant heartbreak to stay, The way she played with her hair was always a favourite excuse, Or the fact that... Continue Reading →

30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 17

Friday Free-day! And so it had begun. The apocalypse. It was slightly past noon when I noticed, An eloquent lovely pass my peripheral, My gaze swayed up Caught hers and for a moment it was a beautiful infectious room Two souls in sync, Tied, bound. Free to surrender to each other Free to be in... Continue Reading →

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