30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 25

A Turkish delight Pink looks effortless on you, like a second skin Natural, like the pearls you wear when you smile, A bold mix of beautifully dark, with an extra cherry on top, Framing such beauty of an image upon heels Funny you dress clumsy but command attention placed upon your 6inch pedestal, Call it... Continue Reading →


30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 20

Apologies Apologies for the late entry, Sorry, One word abused into submissive montony, We say sorry, but we're not sorry, Or maybe we are, whatever version of sorry we have in a loop, Sorry your lights ran out, Sorry for the funeral, Also sorry you couldn't make it for the wedding, sorry, Does it even... Continue Reading →

Buloshi 101.

To some it's a study in Buloshi (witchcraft) and unfortunately it matters very little what the rest view it as. Some would go to the extent of thinking the jokes on the course will forever be the death note on the course progression. I however beg to differ. I actually would welcome these jokes even... Continue Reading →

Men Are Trash (Heavy Sigh)

I have chosen to speak on the men are trash movement again because i feel like the movement attracts all the wrong attention and most people get stuck in the argument of meaning rather than the cause it stands for. No. I'm not a pro in the world of feminism, but i have had the... Continue Reading →

Campfire Tales

If travel to the past was my power, I would use it constantly like my favourite briefs. I would go back to stare at brewing storms and dropping rain on the night I was born. If I could go back, Me, I and ati would be marinated magnificently in my vocabulary as I convince myself... Continue Reading →

The Sunken Place

Maybe I'm not over you. I had a routine and now it's ruined. Let me explain... When it's 17 and I pack up. One less distraction off my plate. I find the walk from work to my pick up destination very rejuvenating. So when I saw you, that Tuesday, dressed for meetings I have to... Continue Reading →

Dazzling Girl in Room 27

Firstly I'd like to express my utmost pleasure at being wrong. When I first met you, all you were was the sum of your body. Pretty face, amazing body just as I draw them in my mind, but possibly nothing more. But sweet Lord, how am I glad to be wrong! You celebrated your birthday... Continue Reading →

What I Wished to be at 25

What I wished to be at 25, a lawyer because suits and tights for some reason make people feel powerful. Then I watched suits and thought for sure, I was going to be Harvey Spector. You know corporate law while secretly fighting for the good guy type Harvey Spector. Ask some of my family members... Continue Reading →

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