Iqhawe Ring: Ep 9

"Mulenga stop biting your nails, you'll have nothing left to bite when you're celebrating later on" Samm teased Mulenga as he set up his booth. "I bite my nails when I'm stressed! I don't dance but here you are convincing me to take it up as my project and to top it off, I am... Continue Reading →


Lucky Dube

My friend happened to be telling me a story about Lucky Dube which then reminded me of a rare story involving my father. It's funny how stories make one feel connected to others, to things, even to ideas. The topic of Lucky Dube will forever remind me of my mother's love for my dad, allow... Continue Reading →

Leap of Faith

"When will I know I'm ready?" "You won't, it's a leap of faith." That was a conversation taken from 'Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse' then it dawn on me. Faith really is all we need to achieve, whatever our hearts truly desire. Funniest thing about faith, its amongst the most unoriginal ideas, but for some reason... Continue Reading →

Sometimes, Take a break

January is almost done and my well of blog posts seemed to having been running dry. Welcome to 2019, thank you for joining me on this journey. Last year I was more active as a blogger, but that was also because last year I was filled with more boredom from life in general. Work was... Continue Reading →

ZRA new tagline, Maybe there is hope?

My Tax, Your tax, our destiny. Yeah! ZRA have a new tagline that sees them making attempts to want to be inclusive. We always complain about how difficult government wings can be especially in terms of being approachable. ZRA have entered the new year with a bang, they want to be inclusive in normal discussion,... Continue Reading →

A whole Wow (2018)

There is a saying about not blinking when you're staring straight into the abyss. I say blink, if it's your conscious choice. No puppet strings playing on your heart strings. No time for finger pointing, when life is the game. Do the riskest thing ever and learn again how to be whoever you thought you... Continue Reading →

Cat Calling in a Modern World

I'll be the first to admit I don't usually get it right or even know what needs getting right. I'm at times oblivious to the many slights of society towards females. I know how difficult it is for me to sometimes understand everything that's going on with females or even how I can be of... Continue Reading →

Milkshakes and Liquor

They met, young, na├»ve and hopeful. Well she was hopeful, like spring after winter and autumn. He was fun, like stolen kisses, the bad boy stereotype and like every tale of love, it wasn't easy, especially not in the start. But you get to learn a person after all. Their waterfall at sunset, how to... Continue Reading →

Who Am I?

I am love. I am an attempt at love at least. Love is given freely, void of expectation. You don't need to be bothered if love is unrequited. Love is full, over flowing all the time. Love is a meandering manifestation of the many different imaginations my mind can contain. Anger, like the blocking beaver... Continue Reading →

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