My Happiness Coefficient

Happiness for me starts with the simple question, Who am I? That is a question I've been asking all my life. From growing up without a father and thinking I needed to accurately know the man for me to be complete. To being in awe of a mother who has more love in her heart... Continue Reading →


A Changing World

It's currently 2018, with many technological advances, shifting social cultural ideals, and the ability to decide what we love and do that for the rest of our lives. The world has dramatically changed from 1993, the year I was born. I still find my elders reminiscing about the good old days. Before cellphones and the... Continue Reading →

What If?

What if I told you, I know the ghouls and ghosts under my bed. Syllable for syllable I utter their names. Utter in my head, punctuate with nouns, verbs and similies and still fail to call their name out! What if I told you I had skeletons in my closet. 6 feet past the coats... Continue Reading →

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