I have a Dream

Famous words once spoken by Martin Luther King Jr. It is here that words carved out together from desire for change first touched my heart. I didn't even know what the dream was, or how important dreaming could be, I just knew that a man in America had a dream and his words moved me.... Continue Reading →


30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 26

Photograph You have always been beautiful, not just how you smile or dress, It was in how you looked when you held your tongue and glared, Put your foot through the ground and became immovable, Its hard to describe you to the world, you are mesmerising. Are or were, its all the same thing, Your... Continue Reading →

30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 25

A Turkish delight Pink looks effortless on you, like a second skin Natural, like the pearls you wear when you smile, A bold mix of beautifully dark, with an extra cherry on top, Framing such beauty of an image upon heels Funny you dress clumsy but command attention placed upon your 6inch pedestal, Call it... Continue Reading →

30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 21

Letter to Person You are a glorious manifestation of celestial brilliance. You're not as big as the earth or even as bright as the stars but do you know how many things are used just to describe you? The stars, the moon, even butterflies congregate when I see you And yet you can't even see... Continue Reading →

Growth Series

We are going to change the world. Words usually spoken with excitement. They were round the table snacking. Five friends on a mission to change the world. Well at least that was the plan. They would get hungry, stop playing video games long enough to eat and discuss their dreams. The loudest of the gang... Continue Reading →

30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 20

Apologies Apologies for the late entry, Sorry, One word abused into submissive montony, We say sorry, but we're not sorry, Or maybe we are, whatever version of sorry we have in a loop, Sorry your lights ran out, Sorry for the funeral, Also sorry you couldn't make it for the wedding, sorry, Does it even... Continue Reading →

30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 19

Forgiveness To forgive, the hardest thing one could do, To let go and actually be free, To walk past the backstabber, Exchanging glances only to notice brother turned stranger, Friend now foe, Heart strings in two, Not enough Michael to heal the world, Trust is fragile, Once its broke, not even bob the builder can... Continue Reading →

30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 18

Before our hearts decided I can't explain to you why the heart decides, Why it chooses one over another, I can't explain the long nights fighting grief, The constant pep talks to walk away, The constant heartbreak to stay, The way she played with her hair was always a favourite excuse, Or the fact that... Continue Reading →

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