Iqhawe Ring: Ep 14

Six weeks had trickled painfully by as the four friends, with the addition of Mbunji, had searched every piece of paper, journal, and notebook in the entire school. Yet the author of their letter remained a mystery. "Was it a man or woman, Maybe one of their class mates playing a trick, or one of... Continue Reading →


Iqhawe Ring: Ep 13

Samm sat at their eating spot, at the end of one of the long dining hall tables, however finding himself alone. He kept checking over his shoulder, hoping to notice either Mulenga or Kezipe. There was a plate and fork stabbing at a piece of bacon left unattended. Which halted Samm from remaining alone longer... Continue Reading →

Iqhawe Ring: Ep 12

"Kezipe, you're going to make me late. See you in P.E after break" Mulenga said. Running out their room, book bag clinging on for dear life as it galloped horrendously up her back. Kezipe dreaded Monday morning, walking inside the painted blue walls of biology class, with its skeletons, body parts and guts of strange... Continue Reading →

It’s Okay, not to be Okay

In a society plastered by social media feeds filled with people living their 'best lives' it's almost taboo to be seen out not living my best life.How do I explain that it's hard somedays to get out of bed? Avoid shouting "leave me alone!" when you ask how I'm doing, Avoiding finding a corner to... Continue Reading →

Sampa The Great: Homecoming

A Queen covered in Chocolate icing. -Sampa The Great Sampa the Great recently came home to Zambia and if she had not felt the full effects of stardom everywhere she had been to, then returning home to Zambia definitely resembled the return of royalty. At the entrance to her show, local celebrity Abel Chungu stopped... Continue Reading →

Iqhawe Ring: Ep 11

Samm paced up and down Mulenga and Kezipe's messed up room trying to connect the dots to Mulenga's story in his head as the two girls began to tidy up before any of the teachers came to check up on her and found such a mess. Samm jumped up and down emphatically like a child... Continue Reading →

Iqhawe Ring: Ep 10

"Remember your dance routine is great, I'll join you just trust what we have worked on" Kangwa whispered in Mulenga's ear as the crowd watched in silence. "Oh and try keep your fingers out of your mouth as we dance, you know balance and all" Kangwa joked eliciting an uneasy laugh from Mulenga who had... Continue Reading →

Iqhawe Ring: Ep 9

"Mulenga stop biting your nails, you'll have nothing left to bite when you're celebrating later on" Samm teased Mulenga as he set up his booth. "I bite my nails when I'm stressed! I don't dance but here you are convincing me to take it up as my project and to top it off, I am... Continue Reading →

Iqhawe Ring: Ep 8

"Samm, I'm not ready. The fair is tomorrow, I feel sick. Is there a way for me to participate without being at the fair?" Mulenga asked Samm, while stroking the books with her hand as she paced chi dams room in Chitambo. "Have you been practicing?" Samm asked Mulenga without stirring from his book "Well,... Continue Reading →

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