Iqhawe Ring: Ep 3

Mulenga had been pacing outside Mayja’s office, waiting for a sign as to what the lady meant by being her mother. “I’m almost 15 why would anyone want to make a joke like being my mother?” Mulenga shouted to no one in particular. Cookie clutched Mulenga’s arm to calm her down.

“Now don’t go getting all worked up. No one likes to deal with an angry, bratty child. Straighten up, think of what you want to ask her now, in case you never get the opportunity ever?” Cookie smiled, glad to be in the midst of her prayer coming to pass before her eyes. “Remember, She will always be your ma, but you don’t have to be her baby” Cookie whispered into Mulenga’s ear as they saw Majya and the lady walking towards the doors and effectively through them. “Angie Phiri, this is Mulenga Sitali, probably not what you remember naming her, but all the same”

Mayja smiled at Mulenga as he introduced the two. “Angie over here wants a chance to explain herself, if you’re willing we can take this discussion into my office?” Mayja raised an inquisitive eyebrow as he questioned Mulenga. “What do you mean, we?” Mulenga retorted “You’re not old enough to speak to a stranger without a guardian present. I called Elder Margaret, she placed me guardian over you in her absence. I will be with you the whole time.” Mayja offered Mulenga his hand to hold for reassurance as he motioned Angie to step back into his office.

There were only two chairs in Mayja’s office, which he offered to the two ladies to occupy. However, Mulenga couldn’t sit down for this conversation, maintaining her standing position holding on to Mayja’s arm. Forcing Angie to remain standing as well. “Mulenga, before you speak and ask her everything you want to ask, you should know I trust her completely, with my life even. She says some bad people are after you and you need to leave with her now.”

Mayja had never looked Mulenga in the eyes for as long as he did. “So we don’t get to answer my questions, I’m just supposed to run off trusting her?” Mulenga questioned Mayja’s choice of truth “where was she, when I needed a mother and all I got were night terrors. But now, you know her and I should just trus…”

Mulenga was interrupted by the sudden black out causing the entire facility to turn pitch black. “Still having ZESCO problems Mayja, I told you to buy a generator” Angie mocked Mayja “We do have a generator, which kicks in immediately…” Angie jumped closer to Mulenga and Mayja, interrupting Mayja in the process. “This is no mistake, they are here” Angie whispered to Mayja and Mulenga “We need to leave now!” Angie held onto Mulenga’s free hand as she whispered in Mayja’s general direction as she couldn’t see past her nose in the facilities pitch darkness.

As Mayja fumbled his way further into his office, the floorboards downstairs begun to creak, as many foot steps could be heard running around the facility. Under her breathe Angie kept muttering into Mayja’s ear, reminding him to hurry up before it was too late to run. “Clear! This floor is clean. Check upstairs” came the direct command, which broke the unspoken law of silence. For once that law had been shattered, even Mayja couldn’t help but break it. For in his haste to search for the fire escape button atop the mantel he knocked down the wooden lamp, which landed with a thud and shattering the glass bulb.

The entire facility went silent as the footsteps stopped running around, to confirm the origin of the sound. Angie turned her phone’s flashlight on as the need for stealth shattered with the lamp, considering all the footsteps that were now hurriedly running up the stairs in search of any one person in the facility, especially Mulenga.
The fire escape door opened with Mulenga going down the shoot first, Mayja begun to usher Angie into the shoot but Angie just kept staring at the door, almost as if she wanted to be caught.

Mayja decided to leave her jumped down the shoot. Angie got into the shoot but she didn’t jump she waited for a figure to open the doors to Mayja’s office. Electricity was restored and still no one came through the door, all Angie smelt was diesel and she knew what was next, she let go of the edge allowing the trap door to slam shut as she found herself tumbling blindly until she fell on to the cold ground. “We almost left you, thought you had got yourself captured or worse killed” Mayja spoke to Angie as she calibrated herself to the now new surroundings. “Seems whoever they are, they only have one thing on their minds, death. Let’s move away from here before we are spotted.”

Angie spoke but as though she were far off in thought. The trio crossed the road leading away from Chimbabe fitness facility, before they heard screams and shouts coming from behind them.

There was a fire blazing from the facilities direction, Mayja turned to find his life’s work up in flames. Before he could break down from the sight of losing everything he held dear in life. “Sorry for your loss Mayja but we need to keep moving unless we want to be next” Angie spoke up while grabbing both Mulenga and Mayja’s hands leading them away from the scene of the fire. “I have a friend who we can trust” Angie said leading the trio further away from the inferno and into the unknown.


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