3 Apes

“”Movement in the town!” One of the guards yelled signalling to master. “Movement? What kind of movement?” Master asked without a glimpse of worry or panic. “An angry mob, headed straight for us” replied the panic stricken guard. Master casually walked towards his balcony, avoiding the open blinds that provided him with light to read. He peered through the blinds to gauge the amount of damage control needed to restore order to the town.

“Shall I bring the bow, Master?” The guard asked anticipating the obvious decision. “No need child, let’s see how this plays out” Master dismissed the guard while keeping an observant eye on the approaching crowd. Right below him, however, he noticed two strange looking figures, seemingly drawing the crowd towards them.
“What are those two in the center?” Master asked recalling the guard as the two unfamiliar creatures caused him to rethink his whole strategy.

“No one seems to know, they arrived before the crowd started forming and have not left since” the guard said.
“Bring the bow and some arrows, I may need to ready myself, to make a statement” Master spoke to no one in particular as he waved the guard away. As soon as the crowd approached the two apes, Thokozile brought them to a halt with a bang of his chest.

“Your master, stands behind blinds and watches your every move, even now he sits and watches using your confusion and chaos as his personal tools for entertainment” Thokozile gestured his thoughts through every person’s mind gathered both outside and inside the tower boundaries. “He watches even now, hoping to use his arrows upon you all. But what does he do for you?” Thokozile gestured with sadness.

“The food you eat, is grown by yourselves but you allow Master to collect, distributing portions back to each one of you as he sees fit. But does Master toil upon the land?” Thokozile’s movements looked more angry as he gestured his body directing the crowd. Each person gathered heard their own voice; loudly voice, speak with words not of their own. All they knew was the creature before them waved his hands in tune to the words of the voice, everyone including master.

Master could hear his own thoughts betray him with words not of his own making. It sounded to master like his voice was being used to speak to the masses. This distortion in masters head caused panic and fear to run amok. Master shouted frantically to his guards to bring the bow and arrow to him. He could hear two of his voices side by side and this scared him more than before, deciding to take matters into his own hands if necessary, “That creature must be at the heart of the strange voice in my head” Master thought to himself as he held his bow and seriously contemplated his next move.

“Even now, master clings to his bow ready to unleash arrows upon us all for standing here. For standing united. Why do we allow him to rule over us when we have all the power to transform our lives for the better. If only we would surgically cut out the cancer destroying our precious town” Thokozile pointed towards the closed blinds throughout his gesture with emphasis towards master and his precious bow.

“Master fears us all, he sits atop his tower and waits for us to fall into chaos before using fear to restore order. Forcing you to labour for food and drink, while he sits there and we pay him homage. Homage for what?” Thokozile completely turned his back to master shunning him from sight, and addressing the crowd.

Master heard his own voice planning to rally the crowd and attack him inside the tower. This caused shivers to journey through master’s entire body. As he wondered why he heard his own voice rallying the people, his hands hastily grabbed an arrow, raised the bow and with no particular target to aim at he sent it straight for the strange figure occupying his town and anyone near him.

Thokozile stopped gesturing and the voice stopped being heard as he allowed his audience to internalise the information presented. Bruce took the silence as a signal to get ready to complete his mission.
Just then, the blinds opened and without forewarning Master revealed himself armed with his bow and arrow corked and ready to fire. Thokozile turned to face the balcony and subsequently master. As soon as he saw the bow, he tapped into his psychic ability “See…” but before he could be allowed to finish master shot his arrows aimed at anyone taking part in this protest.

This spread of arrows raised the dirt and covered the square in dust such that master could not see anything. He laid his bow and arrows down as he moved around his balcony opting to get a better look by himself.
After a few moments of anxiously searching, the dust began to settle and master was finally starting to see shadows move from beneath the cloud of dust. The complete settling of the dust cloud caused master to rush for his bow and arrows. However once back in the room he found his bow missing but the arrows where exactly where he left them.

As master thought of what he would do, there were several unfamiliar sounds coming from his stairway. As he attempted to react, the sounds turned into the faces of a few of the local towns people.

One of the locals carried handcuffs with her and before master could even plead his case he was handcuffed and taken to the balcony.
As soon as Thoko saw the magnanimous sight of victory he turned around to face the path that led them home. Thoko looked at Thokozile smiled and asked, “Of all our games, how would you rate today?”

But before Thokozile had the opportunity to answer Bruce arrived holding a bow in between his knuckles. “This was far too easy” Bruce sighed “but at least I get to keep this souvenir” Bruce said twirling the bow in his knuckles. “Just be glad you got to run around at all Bruce” Thoko said, calming Bruce down as they began their gentle ascend back to their home.

No one knows for certain whatever became of master ever since that day. Some rumours say he was executed, some say he was exiled. However there is another rumour, a rumour that states he was beaten, stripped and shamed in the streets, where he was barely left alive to fend for himself as he was subjected to the same fate, he had subjected others to countless times before.

Art by Kb


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