3 Apes

The three apes stood face, to face, to face, silent, as if focused on their communal breathe more than anything else as they awaited Thoko’s directive to have unparalleled fun. “Bruce, meet us by the tower when you accomplish the task” Thoko air out his directive as a way to dismiss the meeting.

Bruce ever eager, zoomed off to interact with the creatures of two knuckles, excited to cause his fair share of confusion. Watching Bruce zoom off always caused Thokozile a sigh, towards whatever direction Bruce had left in. Accompanied with each other, Thoko and Thokozile began walking towards the town and their own agendas of mayhem.
As Bruce zoomed, he visualised his objective, but no matter how much visualisation was done, he had no idea where to start his havoc from. His visualisation caused him to not ignore his surroundings, until he zoomed straight into one of the houses.

Pausing to gather his senses, trying to calibrate his thoughts but without so much as a second thought, Bruce trashed the house, stealing whatever of value was in those houses. Bruce zoomed the items back to the starting point, awaiting his return after the conclusion of his mission. Zooming back to the chaotic streets of the town, Bruce got himself into pilferage frenzy. Stealing anything and everything of value from each house on each street, until he reluctantly zoomed into a street with a child in the middle of the road.

The child didn’t look lost, almost like the child belonged to chaotic environment, standing their in only his nappies and a face smudged with all manners of dirt. Bruce stopped dead in his tracks as he could still see the little boy standing there, in the middle of the street, not lost but not safe either with nobody to fend for him. A blinding rage engulfed Bruce as he stood there watching the child, thinking of how he would like to punish this street for its disservice to the boy.

Zooming into the house on the right, Bruce found a difficult scene laced before him, a woman scolding a man about his lack of effort but all he could do was stare at his drink waiting for when he could pick it from the table. This lack of unity infuriated Bruce, but instead of simply stealing from the couple he to play a game, so he knocked on the door and made himself visible to the couple dressed as one of them. Both man and woman came to the door where they were stunned to see the creature on their stoop.

Before they could even speak, a voice echoed “Good day, you have been specially chosen by the master to play a game.” The voice continued to speak at the couple as they stared dumfounded and uncertain of how to respond, and even who to respond to. Noticing the obvious dilemma Bruce invited himself in. After having made himself comfortable Bruce sat, invitinh the couple to do the same even though it was their house. “If you lose, the master has ordered I go away with all your drinks, dependent on how you play, you may lose your woman also. If you win however, the master will buy you a life time supply of drinks”

Bruce added while deliberately eyeing the man’s drink on the table “Who are you” the man asked after holding the question in like a bad fart, but the woman hushed him with a swipe of her hand, more interested in Bruce’s proposition.

The bromance of Thoko and Thokozile, continued on its merry path, silently away from all the buzz of life, minding their business, talking and debating as always. Thokozile kept watch of their surroundings, every step taken and every angle of direction changed. It’s boredom and good friends that really soothe the soul, he thought out loud, interrupting Thoko’s continuous rant.

Bruce had laid a piece of paper face down and just stared at the couple before him. “This paper contains a simple question, which you will lift up and read it out loud, should you get it wrong the consequences have already been laid before you. Once the paper is picked, you are required to answer or forfeit. However, should you choose to forfeit then you still lose.” Bruce ended the instructions by motioning the man to make a decision. The woman looked at the man and grabbed the piece of paper, anxious to get the ordeal out of the way. Before the man could react, the woman had disappeared and so had the drinks the man craved.

Bruce stood, dusted himself off walked towards the door turning to face the man, “One of master’s rules is that you pick the paper up yourself, anything breaks that and you lose .” Bruce said before closing the door and leaving the man to his new despair. Bruce hated roles that required his delicate composure so he hoped he could execute the remaining ones with a quick clatter as all chaos must be. To the house on the left of that same road, the road with the child in the middle, the road headed nowhere.

Bruce zoomed into the house on the left, only to find another man sitting in the shower, water turned on as the man clutches a frame while maintaining fetal position. Bruce looked around the house for clues, clues that could potentially save the man from himself. But all he kept noticing was the frame clutched in the man’s hands. With a snap of Bruces fingers, the frame disappeared from the mans hand with the lights going on in sync. The man looked up to see the lights blaring his eyes and a huge sign on the wall reading, “if you follow me you may find your daughter, and maybe even your frame” stumbling to find his feet the man slowly picked himself up turned the faucet off, and walked out of his house with the wet clothes clinging to his body. Following the notes left all over the town heading towards the tower.

Thokozile was uninterested in anything Thoko had to say on their journey to the tower. This did not deter Thoko’s need to speak his mind and ask his questions as per custom. Thokozile stopped walking as the path opened up leading to the tower. “Shall we cause chaos” Thokozile asked with an air of focus. “Patience Thokozile, Bruce and our army are on their way, let’s just proceed to the tower” Thoko concluded as he led the way to the tower.

Doors were being banged on by the forming crowd of angered citizens all heading to the tower to find out who the strange looking people were and why their arrival had been accompanied by such confusion in the town.

No sooner had Thoko and Thokozile found their spot in the centre close to the towers entrance than Bruce zoomed to their side followed slowly by a hoard of aggrieved citizens.
“Bruce your last stop” Thoko said as they watched the approach crowd of people. Apes by Kb


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