Leap of Faith

“When will I know I’m ready?”
“You won’t, it’s a leap of faith.”
That was a conversation taken from ‘Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse’ then it dawn on me. Faith really is all we need to achieve, whatever our hearts truly desire. Funniest thing about faith, its amongst the most unoriginal ideas, but for some reason it’s mostly ignored, even though the proof is in the pudding.

In BLACK EFFECT Jay-z says, “we started with a mustard seed” now mustard seed was the amount of faith Jesus referenced to as one must have to be able to accomplish one’s desires. Not to over complicate this, but the mustard seed is considered one of the smallest seeds in the world. However once it matures in growth it can reach over 20 feet tall.

Makes sense why faith would be likened to that of a mustard seed. For if the mustard seed is planted and consistently nourished, it will grow into a great big wonderful tree. In a similar fashion, if we believe in our dreams, and begin to work consistently on what those dreams look like we will be able to grow our dreams into a great big wonderful reality.

But, it’s easier said than done, as it should be. Otherwise what is the purpose of the dream? Firstly it’s your DREAM, no one else can see how it looks like in your head and explaining is nice and dandy but no one will fight for your dreams as passionately as you will. No matter how close we all can be, no one understands who you are more than you and why you have a dream will be foreign to lots of people.

It’s easy to sit and write on mustard seeds from behind my keyboard. I too suffer from lack of consistency at times but it’s always fascinating to find that I’m not alone. Especially that having faith is not a new concept. All it takes to make OUR dreams a reality is having the Faith to pursue them with diligence.

Once you know what you like, well there you are – Gramma Tala (Moana)


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