Social Crucifixion

Alas the world we live in! A world where a lady can get raped and the entire economy comes to a complete halt as person after person rushes to the scene. Not to stop the rape, how preposterous that would be, but to watch the rape occur.

After all, she screamed her lungs out. Her words were inaudible but upon the first responders arriving at the scene it was clear her words were “help!” So they helped, they cheered him on like they would a matador concurring a bull. They booed every time she fought back. Slap after slap and this man had enough, so he tied her hands down as she screamed even more.

The crowd cheered louder, calling more people to watch until the circle morphed into too various circles. It was clear the matador had conquered the bull as she lost her fighting strength. Just as he was about to slay her, the authorities siren could be heard approaching the scene. This caused everyone gathered to panic and flee the morphed circle, leaving the defenceless bull alone awaiting her death.

With the entire community having watched her beaten down and taken advantage of, all she wanted the ground to swallow her up, wishing for a mercy killing rather than face the world again. Her confidence stripped, her reality altered, no wonder when she was asked to point out her attacker she curled into fetal position.

The world had seen her vulnerable, naked, beaten and bruised, all she remembers is that the circle got bigger. Maybe she deserved this, she thought as she looked at her reflection in the muddied waters. Crucified upon the social constructs she once thought would protect her from the dangers of her world.

Image courtesy of Lord Wapi.



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