ZRA new tagline, Maybe there is hope?

My Tax, Your tax, our destiny.
Yeah! ZRA have a new tagline that sees them making attempts to want to be inclusive. We always complain about how difficult government wings can be especially in terms of being approachable. ZRA have entered the new year with a bang, they want to be inclusive in normal discussion, not with fear in our eyes but with hope for a grand future, because after all, it is our hard earned money being taxed.

I found myself at the ZRA press briefing a whole hour before the event was supposed to start. They served breakfast 30 minutes before time and they began on time! P.s Zambian time was challenged immensely and it lost!

With my coffee mug refilled, and a smile of delusional hope painted on my face I sat back down and thought, “they are starting on time, I owe them my attention” They disclosed their books to the public, they maintained an ethical stance when their name was being dragged through the mad. It was almost inspiring to watch them be diplomatic.
I learned two things from this new experience;

1. The systems we thought far too hard to change, have started changing.
2. Maybe we as the paying consumer are just not paying enough attention.

We want to grow and scale but most times we are struggling to attend to our receipts. ZRA want to make the taxation process easier, I for one welcome the idea and want to see what this new accountability approach could eventually look like.


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