A whole Wow (2018)

There is a saying about not blinking when you’re staring straight into the abyss. I say blink, if it’s your conscious choice. No puppet strings playing on your heart strings. No time for finger pointing, when life is the game.

Do the riskest thing ever and learn again how to be whoever you thought you wanted to be. Quit that job, throw yourself in a new environment that allows you to finally use your entire mind for eventual scientific experiments because you dared to dream.

You aspired for alot more and got everything you ever wanted. Just like falling in love, that risk is magnified, in trust, totally falling in love with yourself. Trust fall they call it? So fall, a thousands times over as you stitch yourself back together, just attempt a motion in living again. Regardless of the supposed risk attached to it. Isn’t the thrill, after all, in the chase?

If 2018 has done anything for me, it has taught me the value of loving myself. There are plenty of things I would do over, there are plenty of people I would meet again for the first time. But then I wouldn’t be me, I would not be who I hopped to be.

To 2018 and all its beautiful lessons, I am thankful for the 24 hours in a day. The 24 hours to build the dream and vision everyday. The 24 hours to learn and fall in love with shooting stars and falling angels. To fall for the girl, a new girl. To accept that who I am is different and that may also mean that what I want or need may now be different also.

Being comfortable with finding the right sway to that groove motioning masterclass. To being comfortable not actually knowing what a groove looks like. To accepting that life is beautiful and the days that are low can be just as important as the days that are high. Everything has a lesson, painful at times but worth learning and growing from.

As 2018 finally winds down and the dawn of a new year rises I hope 2019 will be a year to continue living my best life. For you dear reader, and certainly for me! Happy Holidays…


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