Embrace Your Truth

Who you are, what you believe, and who you want to be will constitute the basis of what your truth is. I know it seems paralyzing to have to think and make all these decisions, but self awareness is key to embracing your truth which eventually leads to happiness.

What if you’re like I used to be, lost and have no direction to take to start this embrace of your truth. The internet is laced with tests and articles that can give you a sense of direction. Imagine you’re in a forest and you’ve realised you’re absolutely lost, you’d take your compass out and figure out which way is North and with that information you’d decide how to venture. There is a personality test I remember taking trying to figure myself out, Try it

Now you know yourself in words you can also use to explain to others. Great, but it’s just a test and still needs to be worked on constantly. You know those people who just seem difficult to others and loads of people get frustrated, well it’s only cause they know who they are or have decided to be and they only work with that.

Do research, dig deep into the what is you rationale. By research I don’t mean just read a ton of stuff, but go into the world and practice being who you think you are. Work on being yourself everyday even if people fail to understand the ‘change’ go all into your strengths and start to witness how you feel as opposed to before the awakening.

Now this is probably the lesson I’m stuck on myself but I’ve found is the only real metric for embracing your truth. When you wake up every single day, your task will always be to embrace your truth in that day, in that moment. Because truly being considered the type of person who is a certain way is about consistency.

So everyday just attempting to be who you intend for yourself will mean doing some difficult things at times but if it’s you, like it’s your embraced truth for who you are and want to be then it will also be a choice that makes you happy and gives you peace of mind. Embracing your truth is after all just accepting who you are and accepting yourself is a journey of self love. Embrace your truth, be you fully!


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