Milkshakes and Liquor

They met, young, naïve and hopeful. Well she was hopeful, like spring after winter and autumn. He was fun, like stolen kisses, the bad boy stereotype and like every tale of love, it wasn’t easy, especially not in the start. But you get to learn a person after all. Their waterfall at sunset, how to sooth the hurricanes. Where to store the noise, under the pillows, covered in cuddles, feeling the full protection of the care bears.

Junior high should have been the peak, as statistics are not kind to souls that fall in together, that fall in early, that fall in hard. And fall hard was all they did. Laughter, chocolate, envious deceptive approving eyes, they ticked all the boxes. Milkshakes on the first date, is there anything more sweet for junior high sweethearts?

It’s adorable, having the junior highschool sweetheart badge pinned on, its an hallucinogen when you’ve made it work for longer than 5 years. Everyone else gets high off your vibe.

So now your best friends hating, cause when you cry and you’re upset she sees it all, so maybe she’s mad, jealous even but maybe also she doesn’t like seeing you cry. A fraction of each for the weary soul.

She absolutely hates his interiors, from how he makes you mad, to how he makes you happy. Not because she doesn’t love you, but misery does love company and your togetherness is extremely wonderful for her.

The world has tried to break them up, trap them in, and choke the life out, but they preserve, in their own way, because at the end of the day they return to each other.


They return, mostly because, the pieces of their souls that count, are kept safely with each other!


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