A Changing World

It’s currently 2018, with many technological advances, shifting social cultural ideals, and the ability to decide what we love and do that for the rest of our lives. The world has dramatically changed from 1993, the year I was born. I still find my elders reminiscing about the good old days. Before cellphones and the brilliant internet. Oh maybe the negatives of the internet are put on high beam. Let’s dissect the carcass shall we?

The internet has made it possible to be more social and keep us in touch with the very people we love, still not convinced? A few years back, some of my family members moved to Kenya, yes some people cried at the airport, and a few hours later we were calling and texting and being over joyed that they landed safely. No phones, or internet would have meant praying for a letter to arrive ith news of their safe return. A couple of weeks of worry and stress before knowing how they were getting on.

What a time to be alive. It truly is a whole new era, but the notion of where we really are in the world has more people worried than over joyed by what we have in front of us. “The internet is a terrible place!” they shout, while asking us to use Google. Google literally has saved lives, as well as stopped people from telling unnecessary lies.

Aside from the onus now left on us to decide who we want to be both online and in the real world, we are now faced with the fact that posting your truth on the internet leaves no room for being inauthentic. In the moment it’s always cool to post and flaunt who we are not. But post on the internet and odds are your grandchildren will read everything about you from your profile. Which begs the thought, what will they find? They do afterall say the internet is forever.

If ever we wanted an opportunity to learn something new in life, the world we now live in gives us access to millions of learning resources at our finger tips. Never has learning been easier. Even if we hate reading, we can now listen and watch what we desire to learn.

But still convictions run high that we are in a far worse age. Well exposure to the world will do that, with the shrinking of distance between places. We are far more exposed to the world and its many beautiful and horrid occurrences. However, never in the history of the world has there been a time quiet like this. What time is this? A time when a device has made the playing field more equal for the entire world. Rich? Poor? Abled or disabled? For once it’s just about doing the thing and realising the opportunities from this global village will come to us.

The world has clearly changed and yet people think for some reason that they shouldn’t try to understand the new world because it’s all going to go away soon, very soon, just like that.
The fear metric is simply don’t get attached, don’t try to figure it, don’t bother investing. Truth is, Google is 20 years old now and betting against something that provides this much value to an entire species is unfortunately a bet not worth making.

Its 2018, where we can control smart home devices using Alexa, where innovation is constantly seeking to go beyond what we already know and do. Why would one want to pretend the present times are not here to stay but more importantly, they provide more value for more people in this world than previously done before.

The world truly is changed, and it’s time to change with the world if we are to better compete with a world already ahead of us!


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