I have a Dream

Famous words once spoken by Martin Luther King Jr. It is here that words carved out together from desire for change first touched my heart. I didn’t even know what the dream was, or how important dreaming could be, I just knew that a man in America had a dream and his words moved me. The megaphone to everyones dream and wish. He was later shot but it is evident that ideas last forever.

I have a dream too, my dream is more selfish inclined at the root of it. Allow me to explain…

I’ve been an average student most of my life. I had no real plan for life aside from the hopes of doing law and becoming Harvey Spector. I didn’t do law and it became evident to me that I was lost in a world that didn’t really exist. I was in my mind, where I read really late into the ams and found solutions with my tired mind and exhausted body. The reality was unfortunately different.

Even at a young age I felt like the world had problems. Problems that i always felt could be solved by us. I remember after highschool, my friends and I would come up with ideas that we thought could change the world, but we were quick to forget as we had more “fun things” to do. See, we were the dreamers, we had dreams but they really were only, dreamers.

Maybe I’m confused and the world isn’t slacking as bad as I assume it to be, but I feel there is a great deal to be done, especially home in Zambia. The world has grown, technologically, innovation, agriculture, education. But we are still lacking, lacking in all the places where we should be excelling, where I feel we can excel.

Our education is essentially theory based, how can the school going children not look for leakage, when they don’t understand the practicality from the theory they consume. The world has a higher advantage already and yet we still kick ourselves in the gut. I want the education system transformed, radically. We send children into schools to get educated and yet they graduate from highschool not understanding how the world works. But yeah we are happy with the 6 points.

Sex education, financial education, education on equality, mentorship so that dreams can turn into visions and goals. We seem to equip the young more with knowledge, than how to use the knowledge in a real world situation. As you’d imagine, complaining at the problem never fixes the problem. I am guilty of complaining more than I’ve been guilty of attempting to help.

I am now at a stage where I realize its my responsibility to do something about. Having world changing ideas behind closed doors does nothing for me. My friends, have some of the most amazing ideas to help create transform but as a wise man once said,

Ideas are trash, execution is the game – Garyvee

In 2019 I want that to be my banner as ‘We’ try our approach at change. We are many who feel that more can be done, that more hould be done to create change for ourselves. Change can be created.

So I have a dream, that Zambia can be transformed not by waiting for the government to implement a plan but by us taking necessary steps to ensure all kids of all schools in all regions of Zambia have access to an education that gives them an advantage to succeed in life.

Like I said, this is a very selfish dream, its not entirely that I have a passion for people. I just understand that someday I’m going to be a father and its scary thinking about raising a child in the world I live in. They head off to school and the environmental set up doesn’t give them the tools to win in the modern world. I’m just genuinely afraid that we may have been complaining for too long and our rat race has gotten the better of us. I don’t know if we will succeed eventually, but I’m certain if we try, we create more opportunity for this to someday become a reality.

I know we have been pushing for a while. I know some of us want to give up. Its hard! We tired! I know but its only half time. We can still be victorious, don’t stop. Remember

Rome was not built in a day – Anonymous

Everything we want is on the other side of this struggle. To build the sort of future we want, will require our combined efforts, especially not giving up. We say they are the leaders of tomorrow, time to stop telling them and time to equip them as future leaders.


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