Why Kindness is the Whole Game

Return on investment. ROI.

Incase you’re unaware, or perhaps the thought has just never dawned upon you, life is a series of investments.


I’ll be 25 in November, me getting to the age of 25 has been a constant series of investments. Investments to keep me alive, investments to educate me, investments, investments, investments. That is a whole mind body melt of work. Imagine if after my first fail in 6th grade, my investors decided to pull out of my sponsorship deal? The opportunities to have me dropped have been numerous and even I sometimes wonder why I was still on the team.

What’s my point?

My point is, there is a blueprint for how long it takes something to grow and be successful. For the example above, me graduating university is a perfect way to show how that investment paid off and how using my mind will prove an even further investment that will surely pay dividends.

Why Kindness?

Because in a world where being an ass is cool, we forget that its only cool in the moment, less than a fraction of what an entire day is actually worth. One moment of unkindness can forster enemies for a lifetime.

Investing what we eventually would like to reap as rewards. Because investing creates a cycle, a cycle of the thing which you have made an investment. The signs are abundant if only we take the time to look, invest in studying and you will reap good grades.

More than anything else though, in a world full of hurt people, hurting people, why would we want to add on to the unhealthy cycle we have already found.

When someone makes a nasty comment about us, we should stop and internalise how much their life must suck. That someone, can take time out of their life to make anothers life miserable is sad. It unfortunately is, it just means something is not right, that they need an escape. They need a hug, safety, they need love.

Kindness is the whole game, its usually the right thing to do, and in the long term, KINDNESS WINS. ALWAYS.

Kathie Donovon


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