Sustainability = Creativity

To effectively be sustainable, one must implore creativity. Always! Creativity is the use of imagination, to create, something. However, creativity is beaten out of us by the formal school system. By the time we think we have a handle on society, our minds are shackled. Stuck in a looped ideation of a superman. Uh uh, you have to pick the cape up and be your own change. Notice, I didn’t say hero, because no unrealistic standards are expected to be placed on anyone.

(Mosi-O-Tunya falls)

(Kanshanshi Mine)

To be sustainable, we must think sustainably. No thats not a group thing, its an individualistic thing. In your life, as an individual, what things appall you enough to want to start making a change in that area? Zambia has not been sustainable for a long time now but instead of changing our mindset, and acting on new thinking. It seems we have gone further into the rabbit hole. Hoping to get a different result, it seems we keep doing the exact same things, while hoping for change.

We are still in 2018, I think take this time to kiss yourselves, walk the dogs and plan how we will change the things we don’t like, come 2019. Now breathe in deeply and exhale, don’t let the grand gesture fool you. It will be extremely difficult. Probably even more so than ordinary, but I’m personally tired of complaining, when that could be used to finding creative solutions.

There is that word again, creative. The ability to create, let not creating become an insulting mandane thing, that we forget to appreciate the magnitude of a well defined idea. You kill the creative voice, when you say, ‘curiosity killed the cat’. You however forget to add, ‘curiosity fed the kittens’, when momma went wondering.

We must all work together to find sustainable solutions. We must do our part to ensure sustainability prevails, to ensure we enjoy life, without hindering the next generation from being able to enjoy life, with all its magnificent beauty.

A shift in our mentality would be a great champion to our sustainability. In 2019 our mindsets shall unshackle because we will no longer wait for some higher power to make the changes we are desperately in need of.


Rwanda has tirelessly worked to keep their home clean. Once a month they come together to clean up their respective communities, because TEAM WORK makes the DREAM WORK. Let us clean Zambia together. In 2019, set time in your calendars for the benefit of mother Zambia.


Help mentor. Its really just like getting a new friend. Whose way younger. And asks way too many questions. It will be the highlight of your day, to peer through space and time at how you were ever so silly. If finding access to your old school is easy, I’m sure your life experience points could benefit and prove most advantageous for the young minds.

If your school is far, fear not, the zed has a school in every local area. Just introduce yourself and be willing to speak with them about life. How does that school handle all the questions you had at that age? Looking back, knowing what you know, do you think more should have been told, shown to you? If you think yes, then speak to them about that. See how interested they would be. Uh, that sounds like a lot of work. Yes, it is. To advance into the change we crave for would mean doing the things we always look at and think, why doesn’t someone do that? The real question should be, why don’t I do that?

On a Personal note, I want to embrace my culture more in 2019. I’ve been leaning in, just lingering with tensioned breathe as I waited for the right moment to join your space. But now I feel ready. 2019 will be dedicated to rediscovering the Mosi-o-tunya falls and how a white man named David came home and tried to rename our thunder to, Victoria. From the soil we come, to the soil we shall return. I want to immersed in our African stories and culture.

In 2019, the goal should be for all of us to change the world one person at a time, each day. If we all do our part, and help remind each other to do their part we cause a chain reaction of change. The mind set must be switched on, the change is coming, the LOVE for our country we’ll lead us boldy into a powerful year of change.

What will your 2019 look like?



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