I Am Africa!

Kutambokisa was intended to put on a show at Unza about a month ago, based on the theme, “I am Africa.” We were asked by JCI Unza to host a show with young upcoming creatives who could show their audience, through their medium of art, what being African means to them and how they would put that into their body of work.

Unfortunately, life would not allow us to prosper and the event never happened. I am African, I am a creative, so I wrote something to mark such a bold step by JCI Unza.

(Image created by Lynette)

I am Africa Campaign

Walk through history,

Dark continent, they called it. Listen to the stories fabricated by the hunter. The narrative was not always melanin popping or black not cracking.

It was black and crack synonmised, like the cracking of whips on the black skins that they treated as work horses.

They couldn’t shake hands, cause their hands were full, you know, rifle and bible. Its been some hundreds of years, they can’t get the trust back. Trust fund babies with seats at the table, let me tell you the true African fables.

We were Kings and Queens, but you knew this already and talking about the past just makes the heart heavy. But I’m young, creative, nerves pumped with resilience, covered in the colour of combined wonder.

Life started in Africa, but the current agenda is to plunder her of all her resources. A bunch of commas at the end of a bank statement is all it takes to not really give a damn. But we can’t keeo throwing money at a problem. Insanity has prevailed for far too long.

Collectively, we are the future, because it takes all of us, to fix the whole problem. Some problems will never be highlighted, not until we speak out on that injustice.

Working to create change in our vicinities will not be easy. However, the process of genuine change is a slow winding road, with forks and pot holes designed to throw us off our path.

To all of you on your pursuit of positive change, wherever you may be, I appreciate you. Keep your head high as both challenges and successes await you.

The story of Icarus is told about a guy who flies too close to the sun and gets burned. That is the story my people have been force fed their whole entire lives. Not even able to dare look up for fear of flying. They never told us, flying too close to the ground could be more dangerous. The ground, where it’s comfortable and nothing happens.

They, whoever they are, tell us we are a disadvantaged third world country, with not much to offer in terms of fair trade. Yet they camp in our yards and mine our resources.

Your Country, Your Africa, it has the potential to transform all our lives. Not everyone has to put on a suit and tie to work, or be a singer. Everyone should be able to follow their passion and take responsibility for the change they want to see regardless of the place they choose to join.

Everybody is not guilty, but everybody is responsible for the change they wish to someday experience. Sometimes we get confused, and forget that when we die, its never the money that buries us. Its the people that lay us to rest.

At the end of what I pray will be a long life, I want to look back at this time and be proud, knowing that I helped do my part for my Africa. Hopefully our actions resonate with the rest of the world as we sustainably thrive to empower everyone around us with the means to live life on their terms.

I am Africa. I am responsible. The future is now.


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