My favourite colour.

It was not love at first sight. When I was younger I bounced around uncertain tides of blues and reds.

“I’m a boy” no other need for explanation. Not being able to define myself with colour was painstaking. Worse was the answer I gave to justify my choice. Plus I’ve never liked the blind leading the blind anyway. A bunch of us, the same age, giving the same answers.

A bunch of us, young uncoordinated armada’s interacting with the open waves for the first time. Everything hit me with the intensity of finally waking up on earth. How long does it take one, to reconcile their heart to something. To completely fall in love with the blackheads and slashed hands. To give new meaning to something beautiful. Damaged but utterly, beautiful.

Pink, I think I know you now. We weren’t always this bound. Neither spells nor hounds, can separate now. But I remember picking you, because I wanted to be controversial. Every stare, glare, frowning mayor, fueled my agenda. I still didn’t have a reason.

The people that kept asking me, why I’m wearing pink, you guys are the reason my heart is on my sleeve. You asked why? everytime, you made it beautiful. Because when I wasn’t sure, those questions helped light the path that got me out the way.

I had forgotten it was a relationship, so much more focused on what I wanted, and what blues and reds think, worse still, think that you needed. I almost forgot why I chose you.

Why you, chose me. We are not cut from the same fabric, but opposites attract. You always helped me see, the pink in everything. Even when I couldn’t appreciate it. Like that pink tomboy, back at the flats, confused, starry eyed determination. The world was never ready to contain your brilliance even though at first they tried to silence it. That’s why every holiday, I’d knock on your door, (because you were anti technology) then I’d listen to you dream, even then you seemed ahead of your time.

You taught me the value of understanding. You were Pink in your defiance. You cried and made vows, and cried some more. Because people are just are people. But you wanted all or nothing, I remember now, I hesitated, panic written all over my face. Pink from my fall from ‘grace’, I saw it in her eyes. Hours later it was no surprise that I was now part of her EXamples.

Pink off stupidity. If I hesitate, her Pink atmosphere will disappear, like the first one…

Pink like fear. Dripping down all the walls ruining the paint. I loved that paint because it is the paint I know you will love.

Pink like acceptance. Like finally finding yourself and being happy with not needing to explain, because for once, you finally get it.
Pink Like Love


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