Ulupwa #4 (Family)

Manda hill bridge, Addis Ababa road…

“Nsangu, why are we back here?” A peeved Bongo raised his hands in frustration at his steel and earth surroundings. “You’ve never heard the saying, third times the charm, have you?” Nsangu chuckled over his shoulder, towards a worn down Bongo.

“We are looking for missing kids, wouldn’t you agree that being thorough is necessary?” Nsangu twirled to a halt, as a dehydrated Bongo found a gaurd rail to support his weight.

“And leaving treats for anyone to find.” Shook the disapproving head of Mwiche towards the dumbfounded brothers. “Nsangu, what is she talking about?” Bongo’s head wondered between the pair.

Back at the flat…

“One of you explain to me why we focused our search primarily on the Manda hill bridge?” Bongo’s inflamed nostrils were only visible when he waved his drumstick, towards the pair before stuffing his mouth again.

“You should probably finish eating, wouldn’t want to cause your stroke. Besides, your questions are boring. You were more fun when you were in shape, baby brother.”

“More. Aware. Of yourself, and of others…” “You saw them too?” Mwiche interrupted, blossoming at her realisation. “Saw who?” Bongo added behind his grease laden fingers.

“We were being followed, Bongo. However, that is not my current problem. I have a Job interview to prepare myself for.” Nsangu reached for the ceiling as a yarn swept through his face.


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