Friendly Neighborhood Poet

Destro, often misunderstood but always provoking, fitting that he would call his album “Politically Correct”.

“Dear Lord, I thank you that I am often misunderstood or maybe I make myself out to be.” – Destro

When I sit down to listen to ‘boy wonder’ rhyme his rhymes, I know its always a full blown affair, him in the headsets, me in my head. Him saying one thing, and me either backing it up and beaming at how he layed that up, brick for brick, or me calling a time out cause I need to do some research.

If you’ve been privileged enough to listen to the inner workings of Destro, you’ll either agree with his message or be offended by it. I personally hope you’ve been offended, like I have.

It was offensive to have someone come into my house and go straight for the skeletons in the closet. I got the album, I practically paid to be peeved. And I will say one more thing, Thank you very much.

Your subject matter, reminds me of my favourite poet of the morden era, Propaganda. You attack the body while not shy away from the fact that you are part of the body. The body of work, that Destro has put together is by no means for the faint of heart. But it provides a sphere for the difficult discussions, and personally, my ideas were shook awake and hopefully some new ones were further sparked.

(Jason Petty, better known as Propaganda)

Destro, you help keep me inspired and for that, I’ll always be grateful!!

Find out more about Destro


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