Ulupwa #3 (Family)

Nsangu was awoken from his day dream by the sound of running water loudly splashing, from the direction of the living room. Nsangu shook himself loose of his day dream, glanced at Kabwata below. Turning to face the room, Nsangu followed the sound to its source.

As Nsangu walked down the hallway, towards the living room, the muffed sounds seemed only to get clearer. Do my eyes decieve me? Nsangu thought as he found himself staring at a complete reform, of what only a few hours prior, was a living room, screaming, begging to be saved. Before Nsangu could address the dramatic change in living conditions, there was a hurrid rasp on the door.

Bongo placed his finger to his lips as his eyes said, relax. Nsangu spotted the square shaped folding sofa, making himself comfortable upon on it.

Feliz Navidad suddenly erupted from the door as Mwiche pressed the bell. Mwiche heard a voice say, “Come in” as she opened the door. “P.I Bongo, I have no time to waste, I need your help, the community needs your help!” Mwiche pronounced, as she walked through the doors. “P.I Bongo?” Nsangu chimed, in the direction of Bongo. “What can I help with? Feel free to talk, don’t pay any mind to the stranger.” Bongo finished his statement with a stern look towards Nsangu. “I am unsure of where to begin.” Mwiche attempted to compose herself.

“I have been looking for my brother, six months now. Sometimes I worry, that this is all for nothing. That I should give up, just like everyone else. That I should bury an empty coffin and be comfortable with the lie of his death.” Attemping to compose herself, while she walked to the empty stool in the middle of the room.

“Its been six months, why not give up?” Nsangu questioned.

“If I believed he was dead, I would give up. But last week, I was checking one of the local homeless spots by manda hill bridge. He left me a message.” Mwiche searched her bag, revealing a white handkerchief. “It was our fathers, it has his initials here” Mwiche touched an embroidered KM.

“Did you ask the other homeless kids if they know who put it there?” Bongo asked. “Thats another thing, homeless kids are disappearing from the streets.” Mwiche stated matter of factly.


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