Fear or Excitement?

Is it fear?

Most of us get afraid when we are faced with new challenging problems or situations. We get extremely nervous and unsure of ourselves. We open the doors to doubt, suffocating ourselves of the things we are most certain about in life.

Ever had situations where, its our turn to deliver a presentation we’ve been working hard on, at work or school, and suddenly our heartbeart kicks into fourth gear and we feel like it will burst out of our bodies. We start to sweat uncontrollably through all the clothes we picked. Our mouth opens, but the words won’t come out, we lose all the confidence we’d built up before we have even been called up.

Fear is powerful and at times useful in keeping us alive. However, the fear that shall be focused on, is the self destructive fear that stops us from following our wants and desires in life. Accomplishing our Dreams and Goals involves stepping out, on to the otherside of fear. The place we have created in our minds, where all our dreams are accomplished and we feel fulfilled, that place is on the otherside of fear.

We know the saying, “Fake it, till we make”, how about, we face it, till we make. Overcoming fear is about practice. the more we practice, the better we become at it.

Here is something I recently discovered. All the context to how afraid we are, is really in our minds. The body is unable to tell the difference between fear and excitement. In both situations, our heartbeat’s fast, we sweat, we’re more aware of our surroundings in that moment and then our minds jump in front of a train. The end.

It’s more about the context we create for the situations we are in, than it is about the situation.

Instead of being anxious or afraid as we take that next step, lets try being excited for the thing.

Remember that excitement that kept us up all night when we were younger? Why were we excited? Because we got it into our heads, that the next day would be amazeballs. That childlike excitement, the undeterred little girl or boy within us that would not be broken by anxieties of the, ‘tomorrow effect’, or even what worry about the next moment.

Fear holds us hostage away from the things that passionately fill us up. Excitement liberates us to be our true selves, especially in the pursuit of the things that set our souls passionately ablaze.

Next time we’re about to do the grand thing that sets our souls ablaze on the course of personal fulfillment. Remember to love andenjoy the moment, excitement will always cripple fear.

Or is it excitement?


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