Ulupwa #2 (Family)

Bongo is awakened by a sensation tingle up his spine. “What in the name of all things beautiful is going on!” Bongo yelled, as his eyes adjusted to the absence of light, blindly searching for the sound making him tingle. Bongo sat up in bed, with his head on a swivel, attempting to locate the source of his current displeasure. Is it coming from the fridge, Bongo chucked to himself.

As his legs touched the ground, the alarm stopped ringing. Not taking any chances, Bongo lifted himself up, expanding his frame to scare away the dark. Unable to see past his nose, Bongo bent over, grabbed his phone from under the pillow and turned on its torch. With light and a less anxious demeanor, Bongo set out to find the source of his confusion. Bongo Pointed the light towards the fridge, the last place he heard. In the dead of night with only a phone torch as his guide, Bongo found himself staring at a white sqaure shaped toolbox of an alarm clock, and he knew who was to blame.

“Nsangu! Wake up, you good for nothing. It’s four in the morning. Did you forget this is Kabwata!” Bongo yelled, as he charged towards Nsangu’s room, through the narrow hallway, past the bathroom with its door still open and the light still on. Kicking the only closed door in the house open, Bongo was received with the sight of Nsangu raising his boxers to cover his perfectly sculptured butt. “Do you sleep naked now? Actually don’t answer that.” Bongo waved away the inappropriate sight of Nsangu. “Why did you leave it in my room?” Bongo finally asked. “If we are going to deal with each other. I’d like us to get a head start, I have big plans.” Nsangu eyed the world past Bongo with a certain mischievous glance.

Looking at Nsangu in that moment, Bongo formed the notion, Nsangu must have gone mad while away studying. “This is what a future buys you? A tool box of an alarm clock and lack of beauty sleep. See why I stayed home.” Bongo aired out the room with a hearty laugh.

“Sit Bongo, its time we finally spoke.” Nsangu measured his words while he picked up a fold paper, wagging it around between his thumb and forefinger. “Mum left me instructions before she left. Sorry I was given no time to explain.” Nsangu commented. “You’re a dumb one to give a masters to. She left me a letter.” Bongo trailed off into the silence of first light peaking through Nsangu’s curtain.

“What did your letter say?” Nsangu asked, waving away the awkward reunion. “I’ve never opened it. All I knew was you and mum were both gone. A stupid letter wasn’t going to change that!” Bongo attacked the elephant in the room. “Why would my going surprise you, Bongo? Family first is the motto.” Nsangu stared at Bongo in disbelief. “Besides, if you had just read your letter, everything would have been clear to you as it was and still is to me. Nsangu added with an air of triumph.

“Nsangu, for all those degrees that certify your knowledge and hardwork, you sounded as naïve and childish as ever.” Bongo smirked while retreating towards the door to excuse himself. In time, Nsangu thought, as he drew the curtains to the sight of Kabwata awakening below him.

To be continued…


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