Ulupwa #1 (Family)

Bongo lay flat on his bed, wide eyed, starring at the support beams that hang where the ceiling boards should. Dreaming of baggy tank tops that left very little to the imagination as his sculptured body walked around malls. No longer burdened by folds of flesh. Bongo imagined his perfect body, broad swimmers shoulders, biceps the size of two tennis balls orbiting his muscle. His chest framed magnificently outside his body for all to admire. The fantasy never changed for Bongo, for Bongo was equally unwilling to change.

Bongo would stare into the support beams and imagine he was carrying 70kgs in a dead weight position and holding it perfectly. To sweat through the squats without so much as a misplaced breathe. Yes the dreams of Bongo were loud and unwavering.

The dreams of an energy filled teenager who only wants to run around all day are long gone. Replaced with what most would consider a poor clone, hardly recognisable from the teen who wanted to change the world. Over 190kgs of weight being added on with each opened bag of potato chips, tubs of Ice cream and three flavours of cake that each contained chocolate, all in the fridge next to the bed where a side table once stood guard.

For five summers, Bongo rolled like tumbleweed through dust occupied carpets and disposable utensils that found a permanent home and were evolving into decay.

Bongo looked up towards his wall calendar and sighed anxiously. Tomorrow is the day Bongo thought as he gradually scanned the remnants of what was once his living room now turned bedsitter space with covers and sheets that looked like they needed burning instead of a good wash. Dingy looking curtains that resembled a greyscale of blue coated dust. As Bongo looked through the memories stained on his clothes and the smells of different far away places. Places Bongo could vaguely remember but places that reminded him of the outside world. A world he dared not be involved in, a world he left behind and closed himself off to.

The door bell rang, yanking Bongo out of his head with slight shock. “Who could be at my door?” Bongo thought, but decided not to be bothered with what must be, a case of mistaken doors. As Bongo returned to staring at his forgotten memories piled next to the book case that sat below the mounted television set directly in front of his unmade bed.

Bongo looked towards the door as he heard another sound in its direction, wondering if he was about to get robbed. The sound of keys in the door made Bongo alert, he turned to face the door, wondering who would be dumb enough to rob a house during broad daylight. The door openned widely and Bongo’s first instinct was to launch himself towards the kitchen but experience taught him better. “I won’t say this again, state your name and business before you walk through my doors.” Bongo hoarsed out loud for the next door neighbours to hear.

A bright blue pinstripe suitcase rolled into the doorway as Nsangu followed from behind. “Instead of shouting threats towards the neighbourhood, you could just help your big brother settle back in.” Nsangu retorted to a stunned looking Bongo.

“I have not been home in years I know, but is that anyway to show me love?” Continued a calm Nsangu. Bongo stood transfixed, “Why are you a day early?” He questioned Nsangu in disappointment.

“Did you forget to change the calendar I left last year? Its like this all the time with you Bongo, frankly I’m impressed you’ve managed to stay alive as long as you have without me.” Nsangu laughed as he calmly walked pasted his suitcase. Nsangu was carrying a duffle bag round one shoulder with a cake box in his right hand. Nsangu walked into the kitchen care to navigate his way around the unfamiliar living environment.

“Looks like you have no room for me or this cake it would seem.” Nsangu laughed as he searched for a safe familiar place to relocate the package in his hand, around the landfill he had stumbled upon.

“Truthfully speaking boi, can you go and come back tomorrow? I’m not ready to deal with you yet.” Bongo sighed with frustration as he gave Nsangu a pleading look.

“Then sleep and deal with me tomorrow. I’m not going anywhere.” Nsangu smiled as he used his fingers to pear through the once blue curtains. Back to a place that sucks your spirit dry Nsangu thought to himself as Bongo got himself reacquainted with his bed.

To be Continued…


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