In My Box

I have four lovely walls that sometimes resemble cell bars. But they are really just there to ensure I get enough air and stop the claustrophobia from setting in. The colour of the walls change constantly to appeal to whatever state my mood is in.

To the left, Lucid.

Thats where the pipes are. One after the other and all leaking from their brims. Thats where my insecurities are, dripping down for all to see.

Left of the box is too much, let me go right.

So I turn right and my eyes feel blinded, but I realise, the scenes have changed. I feel painted into “The Son of Man”(Painting by René Magritte) must be happiness I’m about to receive.

Ever have chill down your spine. The one that feels like a spider is crawling down. From the inside. The cold chill when you know its coming and you don’t want to face it. Yeah, you guessed it. I ran out of there. I don’t have the heart for whatever freak show was about to begin. Besides we’ve all watched that movie, the black man shouldn’t even be going down that road anyhow. So I’m good.

Did we take a left or right to get here?

Doesn’t matter, I’ll go right. I stumble and fall into a door. At least I think that’s the handle. Deep breath, eyes closed, charge in screaming. Arrrrrgggghhhhh. Its.. its empty. No handle in my hand empty. What is up with this box?

I could live here, amongst the nothingness of the living. The endless dunes are already dusty so need to clean up after myself, oh and I’m by myself. Doesn’t sound like much of a plan. Who wants to be rule over an empty empire? I mean who wants to rule anyway? Let people be free and….

This box is confusing, I’ll just sit in limbo where nothing happens I don’t go anywhere and words mean whatever I want them to mean. Seclusion is a good thing every so often. All the wise people do it. But I’m not done with people yet. Being a recluse is no fun if no one knows you.

Another picki picki na song to make a choice? Another left or right to this four sided box. Wait four sides. How many how many turns did I make. How did I get lost on the way to adventure. I couldn’t handle the two. Then I hit my head.

Something about having your head hit in that gives a guy courage to run into an empty room. Something about running into an empty room gives a guy courage to wish for more empty rooms as he tries to retrace his steps back to the center of his box.


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