The Forever Game; Kindness

I saw a sign, it said, ” Kill em with Kindness”

So kill em, marinate them with symphonic harmony. Don’t leave any ratio underdressed. Let it drip with succulence right into the fire and prepare them whole.

They will never expect it and you will never regret it. “But, it sucks being kind and people being mean.” Truth be spoke, “it sucks, but for them”. Be kind allow your beauty to radiate like only your beauty can.

They won’t appreciate you? Thats their loss, you can’t loss sleep because you’re happy and content enough to afford the simplistic, but highly forgotten basics of kindness.

Kindness, like a smile is free. You can choose kindness or you can choose whatever the alternative is in your head.

However this is a “forever game” you’re playing, so the long term result always proves that Kindness is always right.

Don’t however mistaken kindness for ignorance. But thats for another day maybe.

Some of us need to be taught how to be kind, that is completely fine, its a great start just to want to be kind.

How To Kindness

Honestly there is no one way to be a kind person and create a good repute for yourself. But I guess deep down when the noise stops and you’re alone, if you feel good about the sort of person you are. You must be doing something right.

Listen to that voice that ensures you feel good about being yourself when no one around can judge you but the reflection in the mirror. Its not easy by any stretch but;

If this is a Forever Game then the goal is to be better for yourself. Forever.


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