University of Zambia. A LookBook

This school is such a tapestry of knowledge. Its, its own little village inside a busy town in the capital city of Zambia, Lusaka.

(Graduation Square)

You get there and kind of pick your path of knowledge. But also its a village that looks like it cloaked itself off from the rest of the world with all its concrete grey buildings. It adds a certain persona to the place.

It really must have been the air of University on a cold rainy day but my goodness did we dance and panic and make saves and feel like heroes. Days of resorting to military tactics as formations to take down senate were moulded from vibrating chords.

Days of freedom; a prelude if you will, to what the future may hold. Especially if you’ve ever been a student on campus, you sort of discover yourself. Unza was perfect for such a time.

The tests were constantly pouring tides and the success were highs on their on. If life truly is an obstacle course, Level Unza was exhilarating!

(Law lecture Rooms)

Truth be spoke, I never would have guessed my life could be enriched as much as it was during my 4 year at Unza. The best things from the unlikeliest of places type thing.

(Gates to the centre; “Club Focus”)

(Club and church devided by a road)

A great four years and a beautiful story. Thank you for the memories Unza.


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