The Rise and Fall of Dirty Iron side

I had iron trouble and decided to YouTube a video that would help sort the mess out. This story is a rendition of how it played in my head. Enjoy

The mad scientist had enough. She had bought Iron for only good and pure, but over the times Iron had gotten greedy and greed does turn a heart dark.

The mad scientist gives Iron one more chance to do the right thing. She decided to use her favourite dress. Maybe Iron will see the value placed in him and decide to go back to his much more pleasant older ways.

Iron sees mad scientists beautiful, black Chiffon babydoll dress and started to panic. Iron knew not to panic or fluster because he had a tendency to steam out. But he can’t control himself, he is iron. He started panicking, trying to think of a way out.

He looked past the approaching babydoll dress towards mad scientist and immediately knew what he had to do. So he rushed past babydoll and gets himself in front of mad scientist with tears in his eyes. Flustered and steaming in front of Mad scientist softened her as she was reminded of their better days.

They stood next to each other in silence for a while until Iron looked at mad scientist and found her crying. She was so happy she could trust Iron to do the right thing.

Mad scientist went into her secret lair, leaving Iron to await her return. Mad Scientist had made a special concussion for Iron to use in his bath water.

The end.

Be sure to check out the actual video here


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