30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 29 & 30

How Are You?

Easiest question melodied to man, you’d think. The problem isn’t the question, its in trying to explain how we see galaxies pass us everyday but are unmoved to do anything about it

Its in seeing ghosts and dead bodies and having no one listen to your truth. In experiencing pure thrills, you’d thought you died and gone to “heaven”.

This is why I ask, How are you?

Because in any moment you could be a hurricane crushing against the beach, hungry and in search of a carnage

But superman’s too far and since you just posted you’re living “your best”

I would love to know, deep down how are?

Maybe nobody sees the broken porcelain mask you’ve taped together but its there I know. I know, cause I have one just like it. Slightly like it, but its more like my damaged little porcelain mask than yours.

So How are you?

Are you good?

I love it that you’re good, good like a big laugh, like you wanna pee but you can’t because you’re laughing, because it hurts but you can’t stop laughing type of good.

Good like the last time we sat and talked? You said you had figured it out and found your thing. Good like having a thing. Good at REPing yourself so that the thing remains alive?

How Are You?


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