30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 27 and 28


The science of being single,

What a suckish life one must live,

To live and be alone of ones own free volition,

To have choice and yet to choose so poorly,

But when asked, you’re positive, you’re living your best life.

Well then let’s have a peep behind the curtain,

Tell me if you see anything,

Nothing here but a heart beat full of regret,

Envy in its bloodstream all wraped together in a gift basket by loneliness,

Even in a relationship you will be alone.

But not in the way that being alone really is being alone,

No number too busy to pick up your goodnight call one night kind of alone,

Its funny how far we can bend to pick it up ourselves type of alone,

The no real trusting kind of alone that that makes you fear yourself in the mirror kind of alone,

Yeah being alone is great. But it sucks. It perverts the mind of companionship. Make sense?

We’re watching these chick flicks thinking there is only one way to show love.

So being single must be perverted, it must.

For what reason other than fear would they use to convince you that single is sickness?

Single is aware!

Single is reliant!

Single force you to know who you are!

Single is a manifestation of beauty

For even in relationships does the equation not maintain 1+1=


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