30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 26


You have always been beautiful, not just how you smile or dress,

It was in how you looked when you held your tongue and glared,

Put your foot through the ground and became immovable,

Its hard to describe you to the world, you are mesmerising.

Are or were, its all the same thing,

Your snaps stunned today, I knew I still had them, I didn’t expect them to carry such force through the lens,

Its like you’re still here with me,

Like we haven’t moved on, and all the while the script is telling me I’m the man who can’t be moved,

But you moved me like never before.

I can’t wait by the corner for you, because every corner is a reminder of us, before the worst.

I saw your snaps today, who knew the process of deleting them would Pause Time and make me Stay Dreaming (PTSD),

I guess in the end time just distracts us from feeling.

In time, the feels never go away they just become bearable,

Seems I still can’t able to bear the thought of you as just a memory.

To love, and all its beautiful heartbreak,

May we never go silently into that goodnight.


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