30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 23 & 24

Hocus Pocus

At 5 you learn quick that the lines are blurred,

Its never entirely black or white, especially when you’re 5, and no one really had the time to answer your thousand questions

But the greys are not only ever in the clouds,

But I had to wait, turned 17, and graduate into another bubble,

The greys sort of become the only line you can walk,

I mean remember, there was no safety net out of that 12th grade graduation window they threw me out of,

So how you gon come up preaching to me, that I can do better?

For who? You?

You weren’t there at rock bottom with me. And I never saw searching lights up above.

So I had to do it for me. I had to awaken the mysterious binds of curiosity.

The ones that shackled me loose and allowed my nightmares to dream,

The encouraging voices in my head, the supportive real people,

See, thats what happens when you live in a Hocus Pocus, You lose sight of the whole picture,


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