“Feminist Friday”

Chimamanda Ngozi describes feminism rather beautifully I think.

Feminist; a man or woman, who says, Yes there is a problem with gender as it is today and we must fix it, we must do better” – Chimamanda Ngozi

Its not a suggestion that there might be a problem, neither is it a question of if there is a problem. It should be as loud as gunplay, there is a problem.

As a man, before I read, “we should all be feminists.”(thank you chimamanda) I sort of, kind of, knew there was a problem. But the females I heard speak of it the loudest left a disconnect with me.

My inquisitions matched with rebuttals. Every raised hand fuelled with deeper vengeance. The message was lost, as messenger and man retreated with bitter tastes in their mouths.

But after reading it, I began to see the simple slights that caused inequality. Unfortunately ladies most guys can’t connect because it seems that the whole tale of feminism is drowning in anger and hate(this is what it looks like from the outside).

This technique has worked and has been effective for so long but now most times than not, its hitting a brick wall. Its not that men don’t care or don’t want to care its just that no one sits them down and talks to them.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result –


Just talk, if you’re inclined tell him of the horrors you’ve been through. Let him know that he also contributed a few times in making you feel like three fifths of a person.

I look at Chimamanda, and she teaches of a progressive way forward without having to feel like you’re compromising yourself in a way. Both men and women can do better, we must if we are to build a place free from prejudices of any sort.

To move forward however, we would all need to work together. All of us. Women, Men. This is the most basic battle of them all. The battle to freely choose what sort of people we individually want to become. Prejudice should hold no place in the future. Prejudice should hold no place in the present.

And as we all are, hurt people, hurting people, maybe we can find a common place to start our journeys to understanding each other better. To bridging the gap.


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  1. Another post by a man who doesn’t get it. Men like you are like white ignorants who tell black people not be angry about racism because slavery was abolished. I honestly can’t believe you wrote this rubbish and somehow thought it sounded smart.

    You don’t understand why female feminists are so angry because you’ve lived with male privilege all your life and the moment you choose to call yourself a Feminist it baffles you why angry feminists like me just can’t be grateful that men like you have taken up the cause. Fucking bullshit. Telling women like me to not be angry is telling us to be happy at the fact that if we walk out today after 7pm, there is an 80% chance we will be raped. That companies are more likely to employ men than women because we aren’t as smart and we might get pregnant. You are telling us to be happy at the fact that over 200million women alive have experienced Female Genital Mutilation that causes death, AIDS, still births and depression. You are telling us to be happy at the fact that our sisters in the middle east are treated like donkeys men can have sex with. That little Muslim girls are constantly kidnapped from schools by terrorist groups because they believe women aren’t allowed to have an education. You Mr Feminists shouldn’t be angry is telling girls like me who have to watch their friends struggle with depression because their fathers raped for years to be happy about this. You are telling us to joyfully smile when police men turn away GBV victims because their cases aren’t serious enough for them.

    Your uninformed article is telling us to be happy about oppression. Men suffer I know this but their experiences can never be compared to what women go through. So the next time you write something as stupid as this, go and google why feminists are so angry and just maybe you will get an education.

    What made black people for their rights was anger, what made the world fight the Nazis was anger and what makes Feminists fight is anger but no, everyone is allowed to be angry except a woman dying from oppression.

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