30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 22


“We want change” they shouted from rooftops everyday,

They marched and burned tires along streets,

They made just enough noise to be considered a nuisance,

But not enough to be taken seriously for the long haul,

So they went back to the rooftops and shouted some more,

Only ever doing enough to be a nuisance,

And when the time for rooftop shouting drew closer, they would congregate,

Under terrible conditions,

When most hungry,

Congregating to decide how the shouting on rooftops would proceed,

Until their change of shift, all they ever amounted to was insanity,

This is how the trap is set, this is where insanity lays,

Risking change only when we can’t spare two coins to rub together,

Then reverting back to silent discussions of a better tomorrow behind curtains,

Prevention is better than cure, but since we too busy anyway, we’ll be back for another jab, thank you doctor.


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