Growth Series

We are going to change the world. Words usually spoken with excitement.

They were round the table snacking. Five friends on a mission to change the world. Well at least that was the plan.

They would get hungry, stop playing video games long enough to eat and discuss their dreams.

The loudest of the gang wanted to be a lawyer. The most introverted wanted to be a rapper. The remaining three changed dreams everyday.

Everyday at that dining table they shaped futures with their amazing ideas.

Then they would go play video games and that is how they never acted upon any of those ideas.

Its been a few years from the fun filled days of playing videos and changing hearts and minds in their head.

Remember the loudest guy? He dropped out of law school to become a rapper. The introvert decided to study psychology. From the remaining three, one went to university and discovered the love of the night life and started hosting events.

The shortest found that the lack of money made his life miserable, so he went straight into business. Last but not least, the funny guy in the group decided to start a comedy podcast. Because he genuinely is funny.

The three with constantly changing dreams finally decided what they wanted out of life and followed their hearts.

This is a short story of life. Sometimes we know exactly what we want. Other times we are just flowing and waiting to see what happens when life happens.

Life as you’d guess is strange and seemingly out of control. We all have our strange backgrounds, things that propell us forward and things that hold us back.

But life in essence is about perseverance. Planning for forever but only ever sure to be alive in moments. Nothing more.

Be gentle with yourself, if life is difficult take an extra breath. Forgive yourself, work harder next time. Don’t compare yourself to those around you.

Growth isn’t a standard set by society. Growth is a standard you set on yourself in areas you, yourself feel need to be worked and developed on. Like those friends in our story, its always good to have people that love you enough to not let you slack in the direction of your dreams and goals.

Once you know what you like, well there you are – Moana’s Grandma


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