30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 20


Apologies for the late entry,


One word abused into submissive montony,

We say sorry, but we’re not sorry,

Or maybe we are, whatever version of sorry we have in a loop,

Sorry your lights ran out,

Sorry for the funeral,

Also sorry you couldn’t make it for the wedding, sorry,

Does it even strike a chord anymore?

Do we even feel sorry,

But I apologize, as all apologies go,

I am sorry, life happened,

It backed me into a corner,

Hoisted me over its head and by the time I came to, I was locked into submission,

Sorry, because at the end of it all I let me down,

As apologises generally follow a formulae;

Note to self: be kinder, you’ve been through alot,

Formulae complete with forgiveness and a smile.

I am sorry, you’re forgiven!


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