30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 19


To forgive, the hardest thing one could do,

To let go and actually be free,

To walk past the backstabber,

Exchanging glances only to notice brother turned stranger,

Friend now foe,

Heart strings in two,

Not enough Michael to heal the world,

Trust is fragile,

Once its broke, not even bob the builder can fix it,

Hearts change and turn soar,

And yet forgiveness is always something asked,


I forgive you,

I let go,

Just don’t ask me to see you,

Don’t text me saying sorry,

Allow me the space to grieve you,

Mourn and bury the memories,

Don’t text me that you’re sorry,

Don’t tell me you’ve changed,

Take a big step back,

Allow me to see your new stripes from afar,

And when the time is right,

I hope we can come together and rebuild what was broken,

Yes, even that can become something beautiful,

I hope we can become something beautiful.


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