Decisions Decisions Decisions

I’m sure you’ve heard the different stories. I’ll tell you one more.

It’s Friday and the sun is just starting to set. She is drained lying ontop of her unmade bed. Clothes scattered round her room. Today has been trying for her. She’s just buried her Uncle and now she has to spend the remainder of the night alone.

But hold up, she gets a text from her “besty”.

He says he’s going over to make her feel better. She insists she wants to spend time alone but he knows she’s only being strong and insists if she looks fine by the time he gets there he will leave.

Such a caring guy.
His at her door in 10 minutes, he knocks. She opens and surprise, surprise. He brought food and drinks.
Now how you gon say no to that?

He walks in, sees the mess around and after successful locating a spot to place his offerings. He begins to tidy up for her. Such a sweet guy.

She starts to help clean her mess but he won’t have it. Rather he orders her to eat and he will join her as soon as he locates the sofa behind the mess.
He’s done in no time, mostly stuffing everything into the laundry basket.
She has no strength to stop him and instead enjoys the fuss.

He sits next to her makes himself a plate and starts to eat. They eat in silence for the longest. It’s not an awkward silence just one of those, now is the perfect time to be silent and watch the beautiful thing sort of silence.

She finishes her plate and makes another. He makes fun of her for eating too much but she doesn’t care.
It feels nice not to put up an act.
Not to worry what the room thinks of you.

By now she is on her third glass of wine. His only on his first.
They start to chat as he does the dishes. She insisted, but he told her she could dry the dishes.
She loves the help and rhetorically asks why he is still single?

He stops washing the dishes and looks at her and tells her, because he wants only her. This throws her off.
She didn’t expect the “honesty”.
Now it’s starting to get awkward.
He turns to her and calmly said, that’s why he is there. Because he can’t stand the fact that she was going to be alone on such a day.

This story has two endings, the one that ends in a crime and the one that ends with them being friends and her not being taken advantage of while in grief. Choose wisely.


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