30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 07

Stuck In traffic

I’m stuck in traffic,
Fixated on a crossroads,
I’m alone in traffic,Still on the crossroads,
The cross isn’t scary,
It’s just that,
I’ve grown fond,
Of my little pond,
I know what is required,
I know that in ten strokes I’ll hit the ponds banks,
In five I’m centered,
But the crossing provides a new challenge,
A new burden to bear,

I’m frightened,
It’s like I’m the boy at the dance,
Back against the wall,
Watching everyone else dance,
And I’m frightened to leave my garden chair behind,
It literally became my best friend,
Why would you want to break that duo up?
Sometimes ghost stories are the only things worth clinging to.
For only their stories do I truly know the outcome.


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