Prelude to Day 06

Kidd Josh is a guy I’ve known since highschool and of all the people I have met, his way with words is something I have envied. Here to help set the tone for Day 06 of the Poetry Challenge. Kidd Josh.

The Wake

Losing the life of someone you love…oftenly happens quick,
Oftenly can make you sick,
If it’s your mom, oftenly feel like you could vomit,
If its yur dad u oftenly drop to yur knees.

The box is black, oftenly brown,
Oftenly u wear a suit and tie, oftenly a blouse,

Oftenly there is a CHILD left behind with his friend, parent or member of fam no longer around.

You get the news oftenly by a texts or call!
Oftenly on your beat up Nokia, Samsung or house phone,
Oftenly it beeps or rings for quite long,
Oftenly yur given a technical term like microembilism or pericetimol something.

Oftenly at the funeral home they serve drinks and boiled meats,
Oftenly in the pastor’s speech; you hear he or she had to leave –
was a good person and in heaven we shall greet,
Even though oftenly, rather not many would agree.
Oftenly the uncle who has the most to eat,
Is the cantankerous uncle who drives an S.U.V.

When the songs are sang, and people begin to leave,
So fades the biggest masquerade you’ve ever seen,
With one mask on every face, that mask is ‘grief’,

So leaves the pastor’s that the deceased hardly knew or used to meet,
So goes more relatives you didn’t know and you hardly ever see,
So go the flower bearers and people who came just to eat, well wishers who wished well only on the *beer and the beef!*
So goes the person you came up short saying goodbye to, well you saw them at the wake, at least.

So go the grandma’s with their fake tears, the uncle’s shift their expensive cars gears,
But don’t think any the property in the cars trunks that the rest of the family ‘needs’, they’re gone not to seen or heard from for dozens of years.

And not oftenly but always, after the wake…the box goes six feet.
I came up short saying goodbye to you, at least I saw you at the wake…
at least.


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