30 Day Poetry Challenge; Day 02

Love You

I know I’ve told you this before,

But this time its different,

Its not “I love you” as I usually said it,

Its just Love you,

Like, love how you annoy me(secretly I’m working on a mute button)

Or, love how my opinion doesn’t sway your mind

But mostly, love you because you accept me with all my flaws,

Its probably conceited of me to speak of myself in the third person,

But learning to love myself has not been the easiest thing,

My imperfections always more vivid in the mirror,

So Love you for all I know you can be,

For all the times I know you need forgiveness,

Even for the times you celebrate victories and growth in the silence

Love you for all the attempts to brighten the world

Love you for being naΓ―ve enough to try again

But mostly Love you for dreaming without restraint


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